West Hartford Community Theater is proud to announce its Fall 2015 musical…

Rodgers and Hamerstein's Carousel

Friday, November 20 – Saturday, November 21 – Sunday, November 22

Director – Lesley Gallagher
Music Director – Ed DeGroat
Choreographer – Meghan McDermott

Congratulations to our Cast:

Character – Actor
Billy Bigelow – Mike Mezo
Julie Jordan – Katie Meagher
Carrie Pipperidge – Ilona Miller
Enoch Snow – Joshua Ellenberg
Nettie Fowler – Kim Parsons-Whitaker
Louise Bigelow – Alexandra van der Hulst
Jigger Craigin – Michael McKiernan
Star Keeper/Dr. Seldon – Mark Moyle
Mrs. Mullin – Patrice Fitzgerald
Snow Children/Ensemble
Francesca Giordano * Isabel Robertson
Russel van der Hulst * Serena van der Hulst * Zoe Healy
Sue Bailey * Marcy Balinit * Rebekah Battersby
Ewa Callahan * Lisa Camargo * Noreen Cavanaugh
Michael Dolan * Karen Finnegan
Regan Flynn * Eleanor Francoletti * Kulken Gorman
Jean Guthrie * Hannah Katzman * Peter Krzyzek
Richard Leslie * Julie Levine * Lizz Maurer
Matt Monito * Matt Nelson
Eileen Rausch * Nancy Ritter * Olivia Robinson
Peter Robinson * Kayla Rodriguez * Bobbi Schmidt
Karen Shakun * Terry Szymanski
Harry van der Hulst

Our Fall 2014 production of Mel Brooks’ The Producers was a huge success!
Thanks to everyone who came to see the show.

The Producers

WHCT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the development of live musical theater in West Hartford, as well as conducting related educational programs for adults  and children. Our mission is to produce high quality, live musical theater in Hartford County; provide a safe and open environment for all members; and create a diverse membership of all ages, specifically encouraging and promoting the participation of seniors, minority youth and children, as well as the economically disadvantaged in live musical theater including, production, stage direction, lighting, choreography and acting.