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Auditions – Once Upon A Mattress

West Hartford Community Theater is excited to announce
auditions for our fall 2017 show…

Once Upon A Mattress

Performance Dates: November 11, 12, and 18, 19

Director – Dana Sachs
Music Director – David Jarkey
Choreographer – Jen Bunger
Producer – Terry Szymanski


Auditions will be held in the Parish Hall of St. Mark’s Church at 467 Quaker Lane South in West Hartford on the following days:

  • Tue, May 23rd @ 6:30-9:30 pm – All lead & supporting roles/ensemble
  • Wed, May 24th @ 6:30-9:30 pm – All lead & supporting roles/ensemble
  • Thu, May 25th @ 6:30-9:30 pm – Call backs for leads & supporting roles (if necessary)
  • Auditions will be required for all roles, including lead, supporting, featured dance, and ensemble.
  • For music auditions, you will be required to sing 16-32 bars of any song; however, it is highly encouraged to sing a song from, or in a similar style to, Once Upon A Mattress.  If you are called back, you will be expected to sing a song from the role you are auditioning for (See chart below).  If you are not singing a selection from Mattress, please bring your own music for the accompanist.
  • Please be prepared to read from the script.  Reading selections will be provided at the audition.
  • Show Dates are November 11 (evening), November 12 (afternoon), November 18 (evening), November 19 (afternoon).  Please audition only if you can commit to all 4 shows.
  • All those auditioning will be asked to learn a short, fairly simple, dance/movement combination.
  • Auditioners will sign in upon arrival, and will be heard in the order of signup.
  • Please complete the Audition Form and bring it with you to your audition.
  • You may also bring a theater resume if you have one.
  • We will take a photo of you after you sign in at auditions, to make sure we coordinate the person with the correct audition form.
  • For those auditioning for a lead or supporting role, a one-minute prepared monologue is encouraged but not required. We will have sides from the script available for reading.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing for the dance audition.
  • You will be required to list all your known rehearsal conflicts on the audition form.  Rehearsals will begin the Tuesday before Labor Day.  We typically rehearse Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with an occasional weekend – and of course most days during the week starting the Sunday before the show.  You are expected to attend all rehearsals not listed on your conflict form.  To be fair to others, if absence becomes a problem, your participation in the show may be reduced or eliminated.

We are always looking for folks to get involved in our production, including back stage crew, lighting, sound, set construction and painting, and house duties (ushering, concessions, etc). Please let us know if you would like to participate, even if you don’t want to be in the show!

If you have any questions, please email us at auditions@WestHartfordTheater.org


Character Descriptions
Name Description Gender Age Range-FLEXIBLE Vocal Range
Minstrel The handsome narrator of the story, as well as in the musical story line.  He becomes smitten with Lady Larken.  He and the Jester join forces to stop the Queen’s plans. Male 20 to 35 tenor low D-high A-flat
Princess No. 12 She is the first princess seen performing the tests.  Very eager, smart, thinks well on her feet Female 16-26 N/A
Wizard Egotistical, ex-performer who directly serves the Queen.  Queen’s henchman who prides himself in his position and basically obeys all the Queen’s orders. Male 50-85 Baritone Low A -A
Lady Larken Queen’s Lady-in-Waiting who is put in charge of Winnifred.  Madly in love with Sir Harry, and is pregnant with his baby. Female 18-27 Soprano Low D -flat to High A-flat
Queen Aggravain The loud, talkative woman who rules the country.  She is an overprotective, stubborn, sly Mom who is trying to keep her son, Prince Dauntless, from getting married. Female 45-65 Alto Low A to B
Prince Dauntless A nice, not very smart, everyday type of young prince who desperately wants to get married, but is prevented by his mother’s strict tests that she gives to all the potential candidates. Male 22-35 Baritone Low A to High E
Kind Sextimus the Silent A kind, expressive, playful, and comedic character who is silent due to a curse placed upon him by a witch before the birth of Dauntless.  Needs good improv skills. Male 45-65  mute
Jester An energetic and peppy man who is the King’s right-hand man.  the Jester plots with the Minstrel to spoil the Queen’s plans. Male 25-40 Tenor Low D-flat to High A-flat
Sir Harry The Queen’s Champion -the Lancelot of Knights – the macho, slightly egotistical, brave, romantic knight who decides to leave the kingdom in search of a princess for Dauntless, and finds Princess Winnifred in the swamp.  Easily jealous, but loves Lady Larken.  But they cannot marry until Prince Dauntless has found a suitable bride. Male 25-35 Tenor Low C to High F

Princess Winnifred

the Woebegone

A feisty, outspoken, independent, strong, optimistic, and free-thinking princess from the swamp lands.  She isn’t very good with manners.  She wants to get married, but must pass the Queen’s test.  The Prince falls madly in love with her. Female 20-30 Mezzo – good belter Low A to High D-flat (with one high F)


of Samarkand

A royal pet that sings or whistles a lullaby to put Winnifred to sleep. F or M G-flat to high-G
Ensemble Ladies-in-Waiting; Knights; Kitchen Wench; Emily the Chambermaid; Soldiers; Servants, Musicians.  Some are character roles  F and M All Ages




Character Song Details
Prince Dauntless Song of Love Beginning to first “…F – R – E – D, Fred.”  Key of D Major.
Sir Harry Yesterday I Loved You Beginning to Harry’s first “…tomorrow morning” (Lady Larken entrance).  Key of Eb Major.
Lady Larken Yesterday I Loved You From Lady Larken’s first “Yesterday I loved you” to Larken’s first “…tomorrow morning.” (Harry second entrance).  Key of Eb Major.
Princess Winnifred Shy M 24 (“Someone’s being bashful”) to “…terribly timid and horribly shy.”  Begins in A Major, changes to E Major at first “Shy”.
Minstrel Prologue – Many Moons Ago Beginning to “I’ll prepare a test and see.”  Key of D Major changing to Eb Major at “For a princess is…”
Queen Aggravain Sensitivity Beginning to “That bed’s a torture rack.”  Key of D Major.
Jester Very Soft Shoes Starting at “My Dad was debonair” to first “When Daddy wore his very soft shoes.”  Begins in A Major, becomes D Major at “debonair”. (debonair starts on a D)
Nightingale Nightingale Lullaby Key of Eb.